About Us

Since its founding back in 1926, the First German Sport Club Phoenix has been dedicated to the promotion of Pennsylvania’s most precious treasure — our children.

The History Of The Phoenix

While helping Pennsylvania’s youth reach their full athletic potential, the First German Sport Club Phoenix has provided a safe and enjoyable environment for its members and their children to have and experience fun and enduring memories.

Not only do we offer opportunities for people of all ages to participate in athletics but the club has grown its club by hosting various events. The club hosts numerous banquets, weddings, graduations and all types of various parties as well as company picnics in the picnic grove and swimming pool.

In the early 1920′s, a group of German immigrants formed the first German-American Soccer Club. After a short while of existence, a disagreement arose within the organization and some of the officers and members severed their ties with the organization to start a club of their own. A meeting was held in early 1926 at Carl Locher’s home and a decision was made to form a new club and adopted its colors as red and white.

Phoenix Swim Club

The Phoenix Sport Club Has A Rich History And A Bright Future.

We are very proud of the many people who have made it possible for Phoenix to succeed.