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Invite your family and friends to join you in celebrating your birthday at The Phoenix Sport Club. Our team of experts will prepare an atmosphere and birthday meal that will leave your guests raving. After dinner, dance the night away in style at The Phoenix Sport Club of Bucks County.

As a party venue, we are the perfect canvas for the birthday party of your dreams. We can manage as much of the planning as you want us to, so you can do
more celebrating. We connections to party planners, as well as music, attractions, photography and food, that we fully trust to make all of our events a smashing success.

Birthday Parties

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We have turned our birthday party planning into a unique Phoenix Sport Club experience. You choose the date and time and then collaborate with our event planning team to decide on the decor, entertainment, and gourmet foods created by our amazing chef who has more than 25 years experience. Our job isn’t done until we’ve created a 100% unique party that leaves hosts and guests smiling from start to finish.

The Phoenix Sport Club has indoor banquet halls, a billiards room and an outdoor deck party venue. We can accommodate large groups at any time of year. The outdoor space is great for photography and summer evening entertaining. The indoor rooms work great as music and game venues, especially when augmented with lighting and sound systems. We even have enough room for a large dance floor that can accommodate a full band.

We’re the most trusted banquet hall and party venue in Bucks County. In fact, you’ve probably already attended an event at The Phoenix Sport Club. We want to help make the first birthday party that you plan here to be unforgettable.

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