Sweet 16

Book Your Sweet Sixteen At The Phoenix Sport Club

The sweet sixteen is an American tradition—the passage from childhood to young adulthood—and deserves a celebration to mark the momentous occasion.

At The Phoenix Sport Club, you will find our surroundings and elegant service are the perfect canvas for the sweet sixteen of your dreams. Your sweet sixteen birthday will be professionally orchestrated so your family remembers less of the planning and more of the celebration. We have all the connections to exceptional music, fun attractions, photography and food, that meet our high standards of atmosphere and customer service and will surely achieve the memorable party you’ve waiting sixteen years for.

We have turned our sweet sixteen party planning into an experience that is exclusive to our premier banquet halls and reception venue, Phoenix Sport Club. You choose the theme and the space for the party and then collaborate with our event planning team on decor, creative presentations, gourmet foods created by our world class chef. We we will do all the heavy lifting from there so you can focus on the fun stuff—the dress, the hair and the guest list!—and less on the stressful stuff. We believe that the party host should be left with nothing but good memories, and our staff will look after all your needs to make sure that happens. Each event we create is 100% unique. Our return guests have never been to the same party twice.

An Unforgettable Sweet Sixteen

The earlier you start planning for the sweet sixteen celebration, the more flexibility you will have when booking our facility.

The Phoenix Sport Club has indoor banquet halls as well as an outdoor deck-like reception venue, so we have plenty of space for your guests in any season and weather. Outdoors we have an impeccably landscaped and manicured lawn, and plenty of space for photography and entertaining. The indoor facility is just as splendid when finished with dramatic lighting, installations and decor. All of our spaces have customizable house lighting and sound systems for a big entertainment experience. If live music is part of your dream party, our sound stage large enough to accommodate a full band or orchestra. Our in-house lounge furniture is ideal for any party but we can enhance the ambiance by adding TV screens, up-lights, draped ceilings, chandeliers, and illuminated high-top tables.

Parents, we know you have an only-the-best attitude toward your son or daughter. We feel the same about every sweet sixteen birthday we plan. These are some of our very favorite events to plan. Who doesn’t love a thoughtfully-planned and executed sweet sixteen? If you want a party that tops all others, start by booking at The Phoenix Sport Club.

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